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Accelerate Your Career Growth By Upskilling Your Knowledge In Python Programming.
Learn From The Comfort Of Your Home.

350 +

Number of students trained

7 +

 Trainings Conducted

Hurry Up !!! Limited Seats Only ...
The Series starts on 18th August 2022

There will only be 10 learners in the group/training. It will be an one-on-one each student focussed training. This will help learners clarify there doubts and move ahead only when their concept is clear.

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If you checked ANY of the boxes above, then you’re invited to join The Python Bootcamp. If you don’t believe me, just look at what my students feel and think about my bootcamps:

Python is a multipurpose and highly expressible programming language. Almost all the tech companies require Python. Learn python the easiest way from scratch to advanced level. You will create projects, publish them and showcase them to the whole world.

What You Will Learn During Python Bootcamp?


August 18, 2021

Python Bootcamp

  1. Introduction To Python

  2. Variables And Data Types

  3. Operators In Python

  4. Data Structures In Python

  5. Conditional Statements and Loops

  6. Functional Programming

  7. Hands On Projects

  8. Showcase your projects on Github and Linkedin

  9. How to develop your Linkedin Profile

Still wondering if this workshop is for you?


  1. Get confident in your interviews

  2. Learn each concept in depth

  3. Start your career in Data Science

  4. Get world class opportunities

  5. Get full time/freelance/part-time opportunities


  1. Let companies find you for work

  2. Enter in the field of Data Science

  3. Stand out from others

  4. Get full time/freelance/part-time opportunities


  1. Let companies find you for work

  2. Enter in the field of Data Science

  3. Stand out from others

  4. Land freelance gigs passively

  5. Get world-class clients 



Shivam Kolhe

Machine Learning Engineer

  • LinkedIn

Hi, I am Shivam Kolhe working as a Machine Learning Engineer. I have learnt and am learning a lot of things during my experience as a Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer. 

The main reason behind starting these personalized bootcamps is to share my industry experience with you like what problems I faced during projects and how to tackle challenging scenarios in Data Science projects. You can take a look at the reviews of the students from my previous batches. I guarantee that you will be confident in Python after attending the training.

Still Not Convinced?

I’m sure you’ll be completely satisfied with my training sessions and I believe that you will be more confident in the field of Data Science. 🙂

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